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Volunteer Training

Please Join us for our monthly Volunteer Training – held every month on the 3rd Tuesday of the month from 7pm-10pm.  During this training, you will be taught about the procedures, policies and processes for Volunteering for different positions around the club.  During this training we will train you for:


Gatekeeper:  The Gatekeeper sits at the front entrance, takes cash and processes credit card payments from Members and verifies that all Member and their guests have had their ID checked, have completed any required paperwork and are valid, verified Members of Voodoo.   We will teach you how to process payments, create new membership cards, and update the member database as needed.

Bartender: Our Bartenders serve during our monthly Fusion nights and during other events in which we may allow alcohol.  They label BYOB beverages brought to the event by members and pour drinks for members based on what the member had brought for themselves and using the mixers we have available.  Bartenders also have a responsibility to keep track of Members’ consumption levels and to cut-off any Members who may have become intoxicated.

Additional Volunteer training is available for Members interested in helping out with:


New Member Orientation:  This is often the person who first meets our new members!  This position requires that you are familiar with club rules and policies, our missions to provide safer, more inclusive spaces and requires some public speaking skills and an ability to answer questions about the club, our events and how we operate.


Tastings Presenters:  These members are skilled in various types of play and have demonstrated their skills and experience for awhile.  Our presenters will go through a class with the Club Owner to outline our expectations for ethical conduct, negotiations and maintaining consent, crisis management and some other aspects of performing these tasks on and off site.


You can also tell us more about your interests by filling out the form below!