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Inclusion and Diversity

Inclusion & Diversity Statement

Voodoo Leatherworks LLC will make every reasonable effort to provide safer, inclusive spaces for all people, regardless of race, age, nationality, cultural heritage, political views, gender identity, religious beliefs, sexuality, sexual orientation, kinks, fetishes, relationship status, physical, emotional or mental ability. 

We at Voodoo believe in proactive anti-harassment and anti-discrimination policies and will not tolerate harassing or discriminatory practices, bullying, shaming or hate-speech at our events, within our spaces or from our Volunteers, Members, Guests and/or Leadership and language to that effect is built into the club’s rules and Membership agreements and is presented as part of our New Member Orientation process.

In order to better support our Community, Voodoo encourages our Members to report discrimination, bullying, harassment and other behaviors through the use of our “Incident Reporting” form here on the website. 

We have also provided a request form, located below, for Members or Guests of Members to request adjustments or modifications to club policies and practices as part of an accommodation request.  While we can’t promise to always accommodate the requests we receive in the exact way the requestor has suggested, we are always willing to consider options that support the needs of our Members and ask that we be given time and opportunity to review the request before expecting an accommodation be made.