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Private Social Club and Community Center

Voodoo Leatherworks is a Private Social Club and Community Center that provides private, Members-Only events on weekends and free educational opportunities throughout the month to adults who are at least 18 years old and have an interest in the activities described throughout our program.

Education is a huge part of our program and we provide classes, discussion groups, support groups and other activities to help people learn more about how to engage in these activities and relationships safely and responsibly.

We are also an art gallery and studio, dedicated to providing fetish and boudoir artists a space to create and sell their work.  We also provide a monthly, Members-Only photography night, hosted by Tony Graham of Broken Glass Photography!

We have excellent relationships with our neighbors, our community, law enforcement and victims’ support organizations in order to combat abuse through positive and healthy relationships.

We are also a volunteer-led and staffed organization that prides itself on building community through education and community service.

If you are interested in becoming a member, please check out our calendar of events page and attend one of our weekly “New Member Orientations” in which our knowledgeable and friendly staff will present a short class about club rules, member expectations, community etiquette and give you a tour of our facilities.