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DM Training

Have you been interested in becoming a Dungeon Monitor?  This is the training you need!

Every month, we offer a DM training course that teaches about club rules, BDSM safety, club policies, scene etiquette, conflict management and the other knowledge and skills you need to be able to serve as a DM at Voodoo parties.

There are additional certifications that the club can pay for that includes First Aid, CPR/AED and Bloodborne pathogen training.

Once training has been completed, DMs will be signed up to work “Shadow Shifts” – essentially working alongside some of our more experienced DMs over the course of at least 3 different events to apply the knowledge and skills they learned in DM Training before they’re authorized to work DM shifts solo.

You must RSVP to attend this training and we need 5 people to RSVP for the class, otherwise we will push the class to the next month.