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2024 Program Updates

For 2024, Voodoo is making some changes to our program! Here’s what we have in store for you – beginning in February:

Leather Night:

Starting in February, 2024. 3rd Saturdays are now our monthly Leather Party! $5 discount at the door for wearing 3 pieces of Leather, potluck items to share highly encouraged and please take advantage of our talented bootblacks (but PLEASE be sure to tip!)

Why we’re doing this:

Voodoo is a Leather Club and it seems odd that we only have a Leather event on 5th Saturdays. When we opened, we had our Leather party on every 3rd Saturday and we want to get back to doing that. Potluck… somehow, sharing food seems to be at the core of community-building and I think we need more of that.

Heavy Hitters Night:

5th Saturdays – we’re bringing back our Heavy Hitters Parties with a few changes!!
Heavy Hitters parties are designed for our heavier players to engage in more intense scenes with minimal distraction.

Our DMs will be considerably more strict about socializing in the Dungeon as the Dungeon Space will be used exclusively for play and aftercare and will not be accessible for Members to engage in their voyeurism or socializing within the play area.

While this party is open to all of our Members and their Guests, this is not a party to stroll around the Dungeon to just “check things out”, observe scenes in progress or socialize in the Dungeon space. If you’re in the Dungeon Space – you’re there setting up a scene, engaged in a scene or recovering from a scene. In order for us to bring this event back to Voodoo, this is really how we need to do it. We may modify this policy in the future, but this is how it will go, at least initially.

Why we’re doing this:

In the past, Heavy Hitters was an invite-only party for experienced players who had been vetted and who had been around the Community for a long, long time. Everyone knew how to act in a dungeon, play was intense and focused and you would never have a scene interrupted by noise, crowding or anything else. When the event became more open, we started hearing a lot more noise, scene crowding and it just wasn’t the same and I opted to end the events. Hopefully, with these additional guidelines, we can bring those back.


We plan on bringing back Bootblacks to our stands in 2024, thanks to Lord Allen, our new House Bootblack! More to follow soon as they develop our team – so stay tuned! Expect to see lots of classes, workshops, training opportunities and more and more bootblacks on the stands at Voodoo parties!

Friday Nights:

1st Fridays: New Member Orientations and the First Friday Social. We are considering other venues for First Friday, so please email us with your ideas for a space that is a little quieter and has a floorplan that can allow for more inclusive gatherings than what we’ve had at Muffs.

2nd, 3rd, 4th and the occasional 5th parties are for “Niche events”. What are “Niche events” you ask? These may be smaller parties that are maybe less inclusive to the general BDSM community as a whole.

Some examples of this could be a:

  • Femme party
  • Primal Party
  • Furries
  • Queer Night
  • Mxn’s night
  • Cuddle party
  • TNG
  • Cigar Social
  • Photo-Friendly Dungeon Party
  • Rope Jams

…or anything else that might focus on the needs of a smaller section of our Membership demographic.
If you have an idea for an event, let us know!!

We won’t have parties scheduled for every Friday initially (as we still need to build up our Volunteer teams to do that), but you will start seeing more things happening on Friday nights around here, so keep an eye on the calendar!

Photo Nights – Several Changes, please read the whole thing:

Again – starting in February: Broken Glass Photo Night is now a Members Only event. You must be a Member of Voodoo Leatherworks or the invited guest of a Member to attend this event and have attended one of the New Member Orientations we offer every week.

Members may bring one (1) non-member guest for an additional $5 on top of whatever the door fee is.

No pricing changes for photographers or models, but Model escorts and invited Service Tops are $5/each.

This event is specifically for models and photographers to create safe, fun, creative art.

Service Tops (Tops there to help with a shoot) are welcome, but they must be accompanied by the model or photographer they are working with and who invited them. Do not just “show up” to Top for photo night, you will be sent home.

Why we’re doing this (Specifically – photo night changes):

In the past, we saw a variety of issues that posed a risk to the club, the membership and to models that we just aren’t willing to take. This was a public event that allowed nudity, semi-play (like setting up a shoot) with un-vetted Tops and no liability waivers.

As you can imagine, this presents an enormous legal risk to the club and creates an environment where the perception might be that the club has vouched for the ability or character of the people in attendance.

By making this a Members Only event, all participants are fully aware of our rules and policies and have agreed to play at their own risk, negotiate their shoots and respect boundaries.

By limiting the event to Photographers and Models only, we reduce the likelihood of creating uncomfortable environments for the participants.

By limiting Service Tops to a “by invitation only”, we are encouraging models and photographers to pre-negotiate shoots with Tops they trust, have vetted and may have worked with before, rather than to give the impression that anyone there with a toybag is safe to play with.

Also, we will start including a short “Photography Etiquette” section to our weekly New Member Orientations so that new members who would like to attend, don’t need to do a separate orientation to do so. We will also publish the photo night rules at the club and on the website for current members.

I’m excited to have Voodoo going a bit more back to our roots and bringing back some of the things that helped make Voodoo amazing in the first place.

Come join us and help us make 2024 a great year here at Voodoo!