Consent and Safety


When thinking of consent, consider the F.R.I.E.S. acronym.

Freely Given:  This means that consent was given without coercion, threats, intimidation, offers of reward, trickery, duress or impaired judgement

Revocable:  This means that consent may be withdrawn at any time, regardless of relationship structure, power dynamic and/or whether the activity is actively happening or not.

Informed:  This means that all parties are fully aware and fully knowledgeable of the things that they are consenting to, including the specific risks involved.

Enthusiastic:  An actual desire for the activity that goes beyond the absence of "No" and rather focuses on the clear and present "Yes!"

Specific:  Consent is given for a very specific action and is not a blanket term that can be automatically applied to every situation, every time.


At Voodoo:

We take consent very seriously and have systems in place to report and investigate reports of consent violations and abusive behaviors.  The pages listed under this menu are some resources we hope you'll refer to while venturing out in the Community.