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Hey Voodoovians!!


After several discussions with folks, I realized that we might not be communicating as well as we should be and so I'd like to just share some of the changes we've made to the club since COVID hit us and we closed up shop in March 2020.  Here's the State of the Union:


Volunteer Refresher Training:

We are asking that all pre-COVID volunteers attend a refresher training for the positions of Gatekeeper, DM, Orientation and MOD.

Why we're doing this:

We have made a LOT of changes to the things we do and the way we do them.  We have new lighting and sound systems, a new point of sale system, some new rules and procedures that need DMs and Orientation folks to be aware of and so this requires that we ask our volunteers to attend a short refresher training for specific positions so that they can learn these new systems.  We're working hard to establish better communication and information management and that requires that we are consistent in how we manage the club and the volunteer staff.  We still need and want your help, so please attend a refresher training at your next opportunity.



Voodoo events go from 7pm until 12am.  

We wanted to give our members and volunteers more opportunity to play.  With the movement of orientations to non-party nights, this frees up some time and energy to devote towards the party, reduces the choke-point at the front door and reduces stress for our Gatekeeper staff.



We are only offering orientations a few times a month and they will not happen on party nights.

Why we're doing this:

We are a private membership club and for us to operate that way legally, we need to ensure that we aren't just throwing the doors open as though we're a public venue.  Also, Jean Razak said it best when he said, "Something given, has no value".  When people can easily walk into most any event, spend their $20 and then get to enjoy all the benefits of membership without ever having to really work for it, I think that membership loses it's value and those members may not really even notice the consequences of losing said membership and so actions taken for misconduct don't have much impact. 

Asking new members to plan ahead, set aside time to come and listen to an orientation that covers club rules and expectations is a small effort that I feel is absolutely reasonable to make.  Finally, by separating out orientation from a party night, there's less pressure to get everyone done, paid, cards made, etc before members start rolling in the door.  This allows us to do a better job by slowing down, making sure we're hitting the important points and being more available to answer questions as they arise.

We currently have 4 certified Orientation presenters.  As we get more folks trained in this position, we will offer more orientation opportunities.


Party Types:

Currently, the Dungeon parties, with the 1st and 3rd and 5th Saturdays being "VAXXED" parties.  The 2nd Saturday is an Open Dungeon party (you do not have to be vaccinated to attend this one).

The 4th Saturdays of each month will be Swingers Parties from 7pm-1am (you do not need to be vaccinated to attend this one).

We will try to resume the Tasting parties in January 2022.  To do this, we have to have more volunteer support to cover parties of that size.  (Please attend a refresher!)



Members may rent space during the week for photo shoots and play.  Rentals cost $25/hour for up to 4 people.


Voodoo is going to try to use the website as it's primary method of communication with the membership.  We will continue to have a presence on social media, but the website should be the primary source of information about events, classes and any announcements about happenings around the club and the Community.

Why we're doing this:

Voodoo currently has accounts with Facebook, Fetlife, SLS, Kasidie, Twitter and Kik.  We also manage 9 different email addresses and 3 calendars.  One of the biggest complaints we've heard recently is the lack of consistency in information and so the easiest way for us to be consistent is to have a primary communication platform that most everyone can access, that is easy to update, that isn't likely to be shut down by a 3rd party and that allows us to perform other functions like event RSVPs, new membership intake, virtual renewal orientations, etc.  We have a website and while it needs work (Drupal developers, holla!) it does allow us to reach more of you more consistently.  We are requiring that folks register on the website to get access to the information, but this is also helpful to us as it ensures we have good contact info (versus trying to read someone's hand-written email on a waiver form).

We will still post things to other sites, but this website will be the primary source of information for all things Voodoo.



If you need to get in touch with Voodoo leadership, please contact the following - based on their duties/responsibilities


Paul Thorns - Owner - - 719-244-3991

Bliss & Matt - Education -

Trent - DMs -

Lacey - Membership -

Marji - Outreach -

David - IT -

AmberRose - Volunteers -

Anthony - Art Director -

Greg - Facilities


We've come a long way over the last 17 months and we have a long way to go, but we're working hard to rebuild and we absolutely appreciate your support!


Thank you for your time and attention.


Respectfully in Leather,


Paul Thorns

Voodoo Leatherworks LLC