Submitted by VoodooLeatherworks on Fri, 02/12/2021 - 19:33

Hey Voodoovians!


There seems to be some confusion about some aspects of our re-opening plans, so I have put together this FAQ sheet to help address those.  If you ever have *any* concerns, you can always reach me directly at 719-244-3991 or email us at any of the following email addresses:


For questions about booking a rental:

For questions about registering on the website:

For questions about volunteering:

For general questions:


Here are some of the changes we've been making over the last several weeks.  Things are happening fast and sometimes it's hard to keep up, but we will do our best to keep everyone informed as things change.


1.  New Member Orientations are now available.  We are not listing times in order to avoid having people just show up without an RSVP.  To find out the available times and dates for orientation, you must register for an account on the website.  You will receive an email with additional information once you do.

2.  We are still offering rentals, but as events re-open, those will become less and less available.

3.  Apocalypse Members - As we re-open, we will need to start scheduling things on top of your regularly scheduled rental times.  We will do everything we can to move your time to something that works for you.

4.  Once we revert Apocalypse Memberships to Diamond-Level memberships, we will stop doing the dungeon rental program as a recurring and scheduled thing.  We need our volunteers to be able to cover the events and to not burn all their energy and volunteer time on rentals.  We will still offer rentals, but it will be on a reservation-by-reservation basis and not recurring.

5.  We are currently operating as cash only.  We are fixing this and hopefully will have a card-based solution soon.

6.  We are currently offering Vaxxed Parties for our vaccinated members on an RSVP-only basis.  DO NOT JUST SHOW UP.

7.  We are offering mixed-status socials and classes will be starting up very soon.

8.  If you want to volunteer, be sure to email the Volunteer team at

9.  Rentals are now set up as open dungeon space and members can use whatever furniture they prefer.  Rentals are still for members only and for up to 10 people.  Please remember to still send us your intake form with lighting, music and beverage choices and talk with about any issues.


This is new for all of us and we appreciate your patience as work towards some kind of normal.


Thank you,


Paul Thorns

Voodoo Leatherworks