Volunteer signup info:


As we've eased into Phase 2 of our re-opening plan, we've also developed a volunteer signup and information page here on the website.  You need to be a verified Voodoo member to access the reservations and volunteer signup pages, so if you get an "access denied" message when you try to access the page, that means:


1.  You aren't currently logged into your account


2.  You haven't have your membership verified and your account activated


3.  You haven't registered for an account


If you haven't yet registered on the website, please complete the following steps:


  • Click "Log in" at the bottom of the main page (If you are a Voodoo member)
  • Create a new account 
  • Provide your desired user name and a valid email address
  • Submit your application


We will receive an email, requesting access.  Once we receive that we will:


  • Look through the member data we have available from your membership waiver to verify your membership
  • If we can't find your membership data, you will receive an email asking for more information.  Please reply to that email.
  • If we *still* can't find your membership information, we will send another email to request additional information


Once we find your information and can verify you as a member of Voodoo Leatherworks, we will activate your account and you should receive a welcome letter.  At this point, you should have access to all features available on the website.  Some of those new features include:


  • Volunteer information and shift signup page
  • Reservation booking for Apocalypse Memberships and hourly private rentals


We greatly appreciate your patience while we go through this process.  Voodoo has been open for 8 years, which means we have 8 years of member data to look through in order to find your information.  We're constantly refining this process and hope to have a more streamlined process moving forward.


If you have any questions or concerns about getting registered on the website, please send an email to our Web Registration Team

If you have questions or concerns about purchasing an Apocalypse Membership or booking an hourly rental, please send an email to our Reservations Team

If you have questions or concerns regarding Volunteers, volunteering for a shift, etc, please email our Volunteer Team

If you need to speak to the owner, please send an email to Paul Thorns or call us at 719-244-3991


While it may be a little while before we go back to "normal" operations, we're still excited to be starting up Phase 1 and look forward to seeing you all down here very soon!