"I've been around a long time and have played in many spaces; Voodoo is by far my favorite."

I love Voodoo! The general hangout area has plenty of well spread-out seating for chatting and aftercare. The couches are super soft though, and you or your bottom might want to wind up taking a nap. I love all the goods that are for sale too. The play space is well-lit and doesn't have that dark dungeon feel. It's well appointed, spaced amazing well (you're not going to hit anyone on the back swing), and very inviting. I absolutely adore the hardwood floors, they give the space a sense of warmth with their coloring. I can't speak highly enough about it. I've been around a long time and have played in many spaces; Voodoo is by far my favorite.

— CandiAnne

"If you are looking for a safe place to play, Voodoo is it!"

Voodoo is a great—and safe—place to spend time in. Mostly I go for social time and to various classes. Voodoo is comfortable and the people inviting. There is not enough good to be said about it! If you are looking for a safe place to play, Voodoo is it! Looking for some new toys to spice up your life and scenes? Voodoo again! Loving your new and improved website and all the info on it!

— Liz/Catpurr

"Finding others with whom I can truly be myself has—and is—doing wonders for me."

Why do I love Voodoo Leatherworks? I could answer this with three simple words: people, place, safety. But while fellow members would likely understand what these mean when applied to Voodoo Leatherworks, others would not, so I will go into detail. I have always been different than the vanilla folks that make up my family and occupy my workplace, but I value my family relationships and work keeps food on the table and a roof over my head. So, I spent my years being a closet and Internet kinkster, never knowing the true pleasures of being who I am.

When I first heard of Voodoo Leatherworks and was encouraged to go by some of the not-so-vanilla friends I had, my first thoughts were "Oh no, what if someone sees me going to a BDSM location?" So I pulled up Google Maps of the area to understand what was in the area and just how obvious it would be where I was going. To my surprise, the only thing I could find on Google Maps was a simple dance club, nothing kinky related. I drove by the next day to see if perhaps there was some error. Nope, the dance club was there, but quietly nestled underneath was Voodoo. I decided the location was safe and decided to attend my first party.

While I sat in there parking lot for a while that Saturday of the party, once I walked in the door I was instantly welcomed. I was made to feel like a member of the group even though nobody directly knew me yet. As I continued going to free activities, this welcoming atmosphere continued, and it didn't matter whether other members of the group I was talking with shared all the same kinks or not; all that mattered was that I liked them, and that was good enough for them.

After several free events—I lost track of exactly how many—I decided it was time to dive in deeper and become an actual member and attend some of the paid parties. That was when I came to learn just how serious Voodoo takes member safety and security, ensuring everything is done by-the-book, ensuring folks' safety during play and with the law. They also ensured folks' rights to be as out or private about their kink lifestyle were maintained. These were the final facets I needed, and from then on I have never once regretted a single moment spent at Voodoo. Finding others with whom I can truly be myself has—and is—doing wonders for me. I just wish I could do more for the community that has brought me peace with myself.

— D.E.

"I could feel the energy, the warm smiles, the acceptance, the yearning to share knowledge and experiences."

My first time at Voodoo, I had been to a couple public munches, but never to an actual club, especially not a dungeon. I was a little more nervous than just showing up at the bar for the munch. When I drove into the parking lot and looked around I noticed everybody was in really odd attire compared to what I expected (and I really didn't know what to expect); Dutch outfits and clogs was really odd. I watched a couple people go inside and almost got out of my car when something stopped me. I pulled up the Internet on my phone and noticed that the club is downstairs, and I was on the wrong side of the building watching a dance group assemble. Wow, was I glad I didn't go in and ask where all the whips were!

So I went around back, I saw a couple people coming and going in and out—even recognized one of them from the munch as he left—and knew I was in the right place. I parked, got out of my car, and walked up to the door. And it didn't open. I was stunned, thrown off; this was a public event as I read, a 101 if memory serves. I turned to go back to my car and someone came out and explained the latch occasionally sticks and to feel free to go have a seat.

Now things got cerebral for me. I could feel the energy, the warm smiles, the acceptance, the yearning to share knowledge and experiences. This was a feeling I have sought my entire life, but I keep reserved. I sit, I listen, I join the introduction and the discussion as I can, all while basking in positive surroundings like I haven't felt before. Apparently, this was so overwhelming I didn't even notice I wasn't seeing the right colors; a couple visits later I asked what happened to the colored lighting in the social room, and it was explained to me that it wasn't changed, it has always been white. Apparently it was just rose tinted glasses that fooled me.

Thank you Svetlana—and everybody in the community, for that matter—that makes this such a wonderful, accepting, comfortable place to just show up and just be me.

— ThatGuy_ 1982