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In this album, I have included some photos of some of the furniture I've built over the years.  Some were for clients, some were for the club and some were just for fun.  Click on the cover photo to open the album.




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Hey Voodoovians!


There seems to be some confusion about some aspects of our re-opening plans, so I have put together this FAQ sheet to help address those.  If you ever have *any* concerns, you can always reach me directly at 719-244-3991 or email us at any of the following email addresses:


For questions about booking a rental:

Volunteer sign ups are open!

Submitted by VoodooLeatherworks on Wed, 02/10/2021 - 14:07

Volunteer signup info:


As we've eased into Phase 2 of our re-opening plan, we've also developed a volunteer signup and information page here on the website.  You need to be a verified Voodoo member to access the reservations and volunteer signup pages, so if you get an "access denied" message when you try to access the page, that means:


1.  You aren't currently logged into your account


2.  You haven't have your membership verified and your account activated


VooDoo News Happenings!

Submitted by kimberly on Tue, 12/31/2019 - 21:21

I am pleased to announce that Voodoo has started PHASE 2 of our Apocalyptic Reopening Plan!!

As part of Voodoo's phased reopening plan, we are offering a few options to our Members. I know this is a lot to read and we are working on some video presentations and other media to help cut through the wall of text, but please take the time to read through this!

Private Rentals: