Volunteer Announcements

Submitted by VoodooLeatherworks on Thu, 08/26/2021 - 19:12


This is the page where you can find information for all of our upcoming Volunteer Trainings, Meetings, and other info. Please click on "Read More" to see the whole page.

If you have volunteer related questions or issues, please email volunteer@voodooleatherworks.com. If the question or issue is urgent or time sensitive, please call the Voodoo Main phone number at 719.244.3991, and then email volunteer@voodooleatherworks.com.


Post-COVID changes

Submitted by VoodooLeatherworks on Thu, 08/26/2021 - 18:22

Hey Voodoovians!!


After several discussions with folks, I realized that we might not be communicating as well as we should be and so I'd like to just share some of the changes we've made to the club since COVID hit us and we closed up shop in March 2020.  Here's the State of the Union:


Volunteer Refresher Training:

We are asking that all pre-COVID volunteers attend a refresher training for the positions of Gatekeeper, DM, Orientation and MOD.

Why we're doing this: